VTLAB Application Download Libraries & Samples


arduino libraries

Download all the essential libraries you need to run the VTLAB here. After downloading, unzip the pack and add each file inside to the Arduino Libraries.

To help on installation of the libraries go to then read section "Importing a .zip Library"


application 1 - I2C scaNNer

This sample code will scan all i2c addresses and compare them with VTLAB1.0 i2C ADDRESSES. The code show what sensor or chip is connected and check its functionality.

Upload the code into VTLAB and open Serial Monitor. set the baudrate to 115200.


Application 2 - pedometer

VTLAB contains an accelerometer and gyroscope sensor. One of its functions is an internal pedometer which can be used without the need of any development for its micro-controller. All you have to do is to perform the basic configurations, and read the Steps registry. This sample does the job for you!

Application 3 - bluetooth test source

For Bluetooth connection, use this code and Bluetooth test APP.


bluetooth test app

for the mobile app section, You can use this app to test Bluetooth connectivity