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VTCARD is coming soon…

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VTLAB is a wearable development kit that is a low-cost alternative to current lab sensors and is just as accurate. VTLAB is a small, low-power device packed with sensors to measure vitals, such as ECG, PPG, SPO2 & Heart Rate, Body Temperature, Motion, Step count, calorie measurement, with an easy to use design. Bluetooth capabilities, Arduino compatibility and a library of tested codes makes using your board easy, even right out of the box. 


What is inside the VTLAB?


Electrocardiogram (ECG)

  • 3-Channel Input

  • Resolution: 24 bit

  • Sample Rate: 102.4 kHz / 204.8 kHz

  • Right-Leg Drive Amplifier

  • AC and DC Lead-Off Detection

Optical sensors

  • Light Source: Red / Infrared / Green

  • Resolution: 18 bit

  • Sample Rate: Up to 3200 sps

  • All Signals Synchronized

Body temperature

There is a precise temperature sensor on VTLAB:

  • Accuracy: ± 0.1 ॰C

  • Resolution : 14-bit

  • Low power: 195nA average current@ 1Hz sample rate

  • Output type : Digital

Accelerometer & Gyroscope

"Always-on" and low power Accelerometer & Gyroscope with smart embedded functions like step counter and ...


  • ±125/±245/±500/±1000/±2000 dps full scale

  • ±2/±4/±8/±16 g full scale

  • 4KB of FIFO momory

  • Low power: 0.4mA in combo normal mode

  • Smart embedded functions: Pedometer, Step detector, Step Counter, significant motion and tilt detectore

  • interrupt source: free-fall, 6D/4D orientation, click and double click

Real-Time clock/calendar

Real-time low power clock to store time and date

  • Low power: 1.2uA

  • Dual programmable Alarm output

Flash memory

A Non-volatile flash memory to store sensors data for hours...

  • Memory Size: 16MB

  • Clock frequency: 133MHz

  • Program/Erase Cycles: 100,000 times minimum

  • data retention : 20 Year minimum


A 0.96 inch oled display to show any thing like watch, signals and ...

  • Size: 0.96"

  • 128x64 pixels

  • ِDisplay type: OLED

  • Viewing Angle Range : 175 degree


  • Capacity: 200mAh

  • Technology : Li-Po


An NRF51822 BLE chip with a programming port that can be programmed a costume code on it

  • Processor : ARM cortex-M0 32bit

  • 128kB embedded flash program memory

  • 16kB RAM

  • programming port for programming BLE chip via external J-TAG programmer

ATmega328p microcontroller

Just like Arduino UNO, a 32kB AVR microcontroller

  • clock frequency: 16MHz

  • 32kB flash memory

  • 2KB SRAM

  • pre-programmed Arduino bootlader

  • Programming port for programming via external programmer

ATmega16U2 microcontroller (for USB to SERIAL)

Just like ARDUINO UNO there is an ATmega16u2 as a USB to SERIAL convertor, so all data can be sent to PC as simple as a Serial communication. 

using this chip, main microcontroller can be programmed.


how I can customize VTLAB?

VTLAB is Arduino compatible, so you can write your own code on it using Arduino IDE, use lots of libraries for programming, and send code to VTLAB via USB connection. 

in addition you can use Atmel Studio or any other IDE to write codes for VTLAB.



VTLAB offers a variety of features that makes it effective and easy to use.


Online Library

  • Arduino compatible SDK for developing with all the core functions of the board (i.e. ECG, Optical Sensor, Temperature, Display and BLE)

Sample Applications

  • Allows signals to be observed out-of-the -box without any additional requirements

  • All signals are processed in real-time

  • Comes with pretested examples

Desktop Applications

  • We provide you with applications to make the development & use of VTLAB simple and effective

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